It’s hard to ignore the appeal of modern minimalism and design when considering a bathroom renovation. Homeowners who are tired of looking at busy patterns and crowded countertops every day may find this style soothing, especially when trying to get ready for work or wind down after a long day.

Of course, bathroom renovations also add increased value to your home. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2019 Remodeling Impact Report midrange bathroom updates can bring a 67.2% return on investment (ROI).

If you are considering a modern bathroom remodel in Tampa, there are plenty of style options available for each area of this space. Consider a few of the following ideas.

Get a Tub-to-Shower Replacement

Many homeowners prefer taking showers over having a bath because it’s quicker. Plus, shower stalls are easier to keep clean. Even if homeowners still like the occasional bath, they may prefer to have a separate bathtub and shower.

By getting a tub-to-shower replacement instead of a traditional tub replacement, you can remove an unused bathtub/shower combo and get a much more convenient and spacious shower enclosure in return. If you have room for it, you might even want to install a separate bathtub.

Streamline the Shower Enclosure

A big part of going modern involves eliminating complex patterns and extra accents from the space. A shower replacement can do a lot to transform the look of your bathroom. Keep your new shower enclosure clean and simple with single colors, straight edges, and unobtrusive use of patterns and textures. Some ideas include:

  • Small Tiles in a Single Color
  • All White or All Black Color Usage
  • Frameless Shower Doors
  • Streamlined Hardware

Opt for Hidden Storage

Speaking of simplifying areas for the bathroom, it’s also a good idea to install hidden storage. Homeowners can still have all of their hygiene products, towels, and cleaning supplies in the bathroom. But hidden storage helps keep it out of sight until needed.

Recessed shelving in the walls and a recessed bathroom cabinet offer that sleek look while maximizing available space. You can also use flat front vanities under the sink with understated hardware that doesn’t draw a lot of attention. Can lights in the ceiling are also a great way of lighting up a modern bathroom.

Install a Modern Toilet

Older toilets are large pieces of porcelain that take up a lot of room and use a lot of water too. You can install a modern toilet with a hidden-tank or a high-efficiency toilet that fits perfectly into a contemporary bathroom. Hidden-tank toilets have the tank installed in the wall behind the seat, which also means this fixture takes up less room in a small bathroom.

Above all, you can hire a custom bathroom contractor who will help complete any bathroom remodeling ideas you have in mind. CMK Construction has worked on thousands of Tampa homes since 2004. We’ll help you transform that bland, out-of-date bathroom into a modern marvel.

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