Kitchen soffits are usually installed above your cabinets, closing the gaps between the cabinets and ceiling. While kitchen soffits were very popular in older homes, the style has fallen out of favor for many homeowners and interior designers. The lower ceilings create a cramped atmosphere that can feel restrictive.

To create a modern and functional kitchen, removing the soffits can be a great way to create a more spacious kitchen. With these soffits removed, homeowners can have more design options and be proud of their kitchen. However, there are some things to consider before beginning this major kitchen renovation.

Before you start removing your kitchen’s soffits, you should consider these three critical factors.

1. What’s Inside the Kitchen Soffits

As one of the primary purposes of a kitchen soffit, there may be hidden electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, or ductwork within the structure. A soffit plays a vital role in housing these components, giving them a place to be concealed and easily accessible. Before removing the soffit, you should first understand what is inside.

Knowing what is inside will allow you to know the amount of work required for the renovation. If the soffit is simply for appearance, it can be easily removed. However, if the soffit conceals important electrical and plumbing lines, you will need to relocate them into the ceiling or walls.

2. The New Cabinets You Install 

During the kitchen remodeling process, you may need to remove your kitchen cabinets to eliminate the soffit. Removing the cabinetry will protect the cabinets and give you more space to work with for the renovation. After you remove the soffit, you will now have more space and design options for your cabinetry.

Many homeowners choose to install taller cabinets that reach the ceiling after their kitchen soffit is removed. Removing the soffits can also free up more storage space on top of the cabinets for your kitchen. As you renovate your kitchen and remove the cabinets, this is an excellent time to consider changing your cabinets.

3. The Kitchen Layout

While you take off the kitchen cabinets and remove the soffit, this may be an excellent time to change your kitchen’s layout. Eliminating the soffit will open up space, but you can also adjust the layout to make the most out of your kitchen. If you are planning a major renovation like this, a custom kitchen contractor can give you the best ways to improve your kitchen layout.

Some great ways to improve the kitchen layout during this renovation project are:

  • Add more storage space on the walls of the kitchen.
  • Install under-cabinet lighting that brings added functionality.
  • Mount your microwave within the cabinetry, and save yourself more space.

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