The best part of a bathroom remodeling project is picking out the décor, especially if you plan to go with a completely different look for this space. A beach inspired bathroom is a popular choice, especially for those getting a bathroom remodel in Tampa.

A seaside feeling is easy to recreate in the bathroom with all of the design options available on the market. To keep your design on point, here are five of our beach bathroom décor ideas to consider.

Gold & Brass Tone Hardware

Using hardware, like faucets and doorknobs, with a steel, brass, or gold finish add a beautiful shine to the bathroom. Metal elements hearken back to the heavy brass fixtures and steel chains used on sailboats and ships. If you want a bathroom that hints at the old sailing days, some metal elements are good way to go.

Colors of the Sea

Color plays an important role in first impressions for most people. Using certain colors enhances the atmosphere or theme used in a room. Consider the colors associated with the ocean, especially the particular region or environment you want to invoke. Do you want a bathroom that feels tropical and bright? Or understated and cool in tone? Perhaps you just love the look of a seaside town?

In general, you’ll want to use some of the following colors in a beachy bathroom renovation, like:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Tan
  • Brown

Wood Counters, Shelfs, and Floors

Old wooden ships, docks, and even driftwood are all part and parcel with life on the water. People will easily get the same impression from a bathroom where natural wood is used. You might want to incorporate thin strips of wood similar to those used in a rowboat as part of the wall or cabinet fronts.

Scalloped Tiles for a Seashell Effect

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon to see wallpaper and décor in the shape of seashells used in the bathroom. These days, that kind of décor can feel a little over the top or even out-of-style.

The use of scalloped tiles on the floor or part of the bathroom wall is a great way to add an oceanside feeling in an understated way. Scalloped tiles have a similar shape to certain types of seashells, which commonly wash up on the beach. Yet, they are just abstract enough that they don’t seem overwhelming to the eye.

Colors Glass & Frosted Glass

We’re all familiar with sea glass that washes up on a beach. It has a rounded, frosted appearance from being tumbled through waves and sand for years. It’s easy to invoke that effect in the bathroom with frosted glass shower doors and windows. You can also make judicious use of colored glass elements in the tiles, countertops, and walls, as most sea glass comes from green, brown, or clear broken bottles.

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